Below is a comprehensiveĀ list of publicationsĀ on crime in Islington

Islington Crime Survey 2016 – Part 2

Islington Crime Survey 2016 – Part 1

State of Equalities in Islington: Towards a fairer IslingtonĀ 

Two Islingtons: Understanding the problem / Islington Council

Islington Street Crime Survey / Islington Council

Second Islington Crime Survey / Middlesex University

Preventing Crime: The Hilldrop Project / Middlesex University

Risk of crime and fear of crime: a realist critique of survey-based assumptions / Jock Young

Multiple victimization / Hazel Genn

Once bitten, Twice bitten: Repeat victimisation and its implications for crime prevention / Police Research Group

Victims and Victimization / Ken Pease

Crime in England and Wales: More violence and more chronic victims / Civitas review, Graham Farrell and Ken Pease

International review of victimology / Andromachi Tseloni and Ken Pease

Multiple victimisation: Evidence, theory, and future research / Richard F. Sparks

Social exclusion and criminal justice: Ethnic minorities and stop and search in north London / Jayne Mooney and Jock Young

Left realism, local crime surveys and policing of racial minorities / Brian MacLean

The Hidden Figure: Domestic Violence in North London

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